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About Laura 

Laura A. Mathews, Esq., launched her firm on August 2, 2013 and has never regretted it, not even for a second. Laura has been practicing for over 15 years. Laura’s practice focuses on the areas of high-end estate planning, general estate planning, complex Trusts, elder law related matters, disability and special needs law, public benefit law, decedent’s estates, guardianships, conservatorships, and non-contested probate.

Laura’s path for her practice and her clients is value driven. Laura’s values are those of Compassion, Service, Empathy, Guidance, and Kindness. Laura’s often says that she does not know what happens next, so she helps her clients hope for the best and plan for the worst with a focus on flexibility at all times and in all ways.  Laura helps her clients create a “Life Plan” (also referred to as a long-term care or life care plan) that focuses first on the person or family’s values (Why do they get up each day?) that is then interwoven into a legal structure that also intentionally and purposefully blends the financial and relationship components that surround human life experiences. Laura works closely with her Client’s to help them create a legacy statement, or love message, so that family members and friends are guided and comforted when their loved ones are gone.   

Laura’s practice focuses around the concept of building long lasting relationships with clients and their families, and often refers to herself as the “unlawyer” lawyer. Laura does her best to meet Clients where they are, and has represented Clients that other firms have turned down due to complexity or the inability to pay high fees.  Laura offers evening hours, weekend hours, and flexible payment arrangements. Laura organizes and conceptualizes each client’s case to fit their unique needs and strengths.  Laura works hard to have her clients, and as appropriate their families, have a role as an equal partner in the process.

Laura started her career before law school, (and continued working during law school) where she worked for three large financial institutions, gaining years of extensive experience in complex compliance issues, anti-money laundering, white collar crime, complex federal regulations, and multiple legal issues related to investor accounts, and large transactions.  Laura’s ability to navigate through complex and litigious circumstances grew out of her previous several year career in the financial industry.